Hello, lovies!

It’s been a year or two now since I’ve written anything of substance. (It is hoped you were not waiting with bated breath for my next post, as you would surely be dead by now.) I’ve decided that’s quite long enough.

I contemplated once again reissuing myself on yet another new blog, but since this one was just sitting there unused like a limp dick, I decided to brighten ‘er up.

What have I been up to, you ask?

Not a fucking thing, really.

I am still waiting tables, (though making a bit more money at it than I ever have before.)

I’m still buying more books than I will ever be able to read in twelve lifetimes.

I’m still being rocked inside and out by my slightly-older, yet sexy-as-ever Rockstar. (The out of being rocked comes from the stacks and piles of amps and speakers that have built up throughout the years.)

I am still almost-mother to my Rockstar’s daughter, who is now a senior. (Hallelujah, holy shit!)

As well as mother of the year to my adorable pain-in-the-ass kid, who is turning five soon. (The mother of the year comment was written in sarcasm, but several people tell me I am just that on a regular basis, so who am I to judge?)

I’ve still not finished writing my book, or books, or memoir, or anything that could be amassed within two covers. (Some writing has been done, but not enough to speak of at this time.)

However, I’m still horny as fuck, still snarky as hell, and still funnier than your daddy’s saggy ball sack. (That came out kinda gross, as most everything out of his ball sack does. Ha!)

I have realized in the last few years that my patience has worn ridiculously thin, (thanks to my spawn who, like me, never shuts the fuck up) and I have even less tolerance for bullshit. (see above for reasons.) Luckily, I have most likely become an alcoholic, which helps me to deal with life in the healthiest way possible. Too, I’ve taken to watching reruns of Downton Abbey to relax.

So as my journey continues, it is hoped I’ll find some new and old followers to join me, because otherwise I’m just talking to myself, which is generally frowned upon in this fucked-up world in which we live.

Talk at you soon,




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